The Best Places to Stay in Hong Kong

Wondering where to stay in Hong Kong? This country doesn’t just offer wonderful tourist destinations but also dozens of places that you can stay.  The best spot to stay depends on where you want to tour. Some places are nearby great hiking trails, cycling paths, and the market flowers. Here are some of the best places you can stay in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Island

Hong Kong Island is where the majority of the tourists end up spending most of their precious time. If you head north, you will witness even more activities and check out some businesses.  One of the most vibrant and popular areas in Hong Kong is the Central and Causeway Bay. Tourists who don’t want to sleep at night would prefer staying at the Honk Kong Island. Many say it is a city that never sleeps because of its vibrant disco clubs and night bars.


Kowloon is a popular peninsula located just across the Victoria Harbor from Hong Kong Island. If you want to immerse in Hong Kong’s culture and make friends with the locals, this is where you can go. The best place to stay in Kowloon is Tsim Sha Tsui, which is the shopping and nightlife town in Kowloon. Staying here will also give the easiest access to eateries, hotels, and eclectic local shops making your stay more convenient.

New Territories

 New Territories includes the rest of Hong Kong. It has the largest area in the country where you can find Shatin, the main hob and a good place to make a base. Since New Territories is mostly of wetlands, parks, and mountains, this is the best place to stay if you love nature. New Territories also include Lantau Island, the home of Hong Kong Disneyland theme park. If you want to swing by the park, just head southwest of New Territories.

The Central

If you prefer to be at the center of action, the best place for you is the Central. While other places in Hong Kong offer lush greeneries and tranquil forests, the Central is full of people and towering skyscrapers. Iconic views include The Peak and SoHo, a winding street filled with quirky restaurants on the side. You can start your food adventure here or just simply roam around the area, or shop in malls.

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